21 November 2012

November 2012 Glossybox!

Hey there everyone!

It's been a long while since I have posted. Just been so busy working and preparing for my holiday back home to Cape Town, South Africa! :D

As we speak, I am actually on my way to Cape Town now. I have a connecting flight and I'm now in Doha Airport. Had to stay here for about 6 hours. So I have been passing time by watching YouTube a little and checking out my blog and stuff. And thought that I would post a blog while I have some spare time.

I don't even know how this is going to come out because blogspot site is in this Arabic writing. But I still know where to go to write a post and all that because I'm used to Blogspot. The words and everything on the site is like, on the reverse side. I hope by the time you guys read this, it won't affect the way it's shown. If that makes any sense at all...

Anyways let's get straight to it. 
I have about another 3 hours or so to wait for my next flight. 

That time of month has come again where I get my Glossybox - my monthly present!

Sorry, I dont have that paper card with me at the moment because I'm travelling. So won't be able to tell you the prices and full product descriptions.

I am pretty pleased with this month's box. The products are really good sizes! Definitely got good value for my money. This month's theme was "stocking fillers". Wooooo! Almost Christmas time! I wonder what we're going to get in the December box! Ok ok, I'm getting ahead of myself here, must still tell you what I got in this month's box first! 

Ayuuri Natural Sandalwood Face Cream

This is a really big size product. If I'm not mistaken, this is a full size product. For a face cream, this would last you a really long time! Must use it. I get so used to using my staple products that I forget to use my new products that I get from Glossybox.

Alison Claire
Mango Body Butter

I really like the different packaging of this body butter. It seems unique because you usually get body butters that are in tubs or tubes even. But this one is in a pump. It's different, in a good way!
I have also never heard of this brand before, I remember the paper card saying it's a new brand. I like the packaging, hopefully I will enjoy the product as wel when I try it out when I get back from my holiday.

Daily Microfoliant

Glossybox has provided us with a lot of products from this brand! I have never heard of this type of product. Microfoliant! This product comes in a powder formula where you have to mix with some water and massage on your face. 

Burberry Body Perfume

This sample is so cute! I love the cute little glass bottle. Even though it's a sample, it still looks really classy! Smells lovely to. 

Nails inc
Top Coat

You can never have too many top coats. Small, cute bottle. Seeing as it's a top coat, it should still last awhile. 


There it is ladies!

My November Glossybox. Really sorry that I havn't been so descriptive about the products as I don't have the products at hand. I just wanted to get this post out before November is finished and will be busy once I get home to Cape Town!

Let me know if you want to know more about any of these products and I will get back to you!

Might not post as often for the next 3 weeks as I will be on holiday. 
Dont forget me though! :)

Keep well you lovely bunch :D

Lily :) x


  1. A few of these product I've never heard of! I recently stopped my Glossy Box subscription because I really need to use up what I have but reading this makes me want to start it again! haha

    1. lol aww. Yeah I have a lot of products that I need to use up to. But it's always nice getting a little presie each month ;) xx

  2. I got the same but instead of your big fce cream i got a tiny serum sample


  3. Follow your blog) Follow me, if you want)

    1. Thank you :)
      Followed you back! xx

  4. This actually looks like a really good box, I unsubscribed but I am beginning to regret it, especially with dermalogica products in there! Am now following, hope you follow back.


    1. That's the thing with beauty boxes. Some boxes can either be hits or misses! Are you thinking of subscribing again?? ;)
      Thank you for the follow! Will follow you back now :) x

  5. How did you like it? I can't wait to receive Canadian version. We are now paying $21 a month. yuck!

  6. hi there! I just thought that I would let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award as I really enjoy reading your blog! I find all the products you talk about really interesting.

    I have put the questions up on my blog =) I am really interested to hear your answers!

    Hope you're well lovely!


    x x x

    1. Aww thank you for the nomination. Looks like fun! Will do it soon. On holiday at the moment. Im all good thank you. Hope you're also doing well :) xx

  7. this is amazing
    all the products are so nice.
    follow each other.